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Your organization needs task focused testing.

I struggle, together with subject-matter-experts, with defining the scope of my training. We normally end up with as wide as possible course scope.
Don't worry! adLearning takes a different approach. We begin by analyzing the most valuable learning points. With adLearning, you identify the key incidents and look for root causes. You then make those causes as the learning goal for your training.
Can adLearning help me to develop test questions that reliably test my employees' knowledge and skills to master a job task?
This is precisely what adLearning does! It helps you to develop the test items based on the most critical tasks. AdLearning provides you a clear process for creating and validating the questions so that they really work.
When I create multiple-choice-questions, the questions tend to measure merely recall, not really addressing the misconceptions that learners have.
You are not alone! Creating high quality multiple-choice-questions is really challenging. adLearning gives you tools to reveal students' common and false beliefs. The wrong answers are the building material for your questions.
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adLearning ensures that you focus on the right questions and your tests are effective.

It is in cloud – no additional software is needed!

adLearning is easy to use with phone, pad or PC/MAC. You do not need to install any new software but just start using it with your preferred browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE 9+).

You do not need to worry about the technology – we will take care of it for You! We are monitoring the software and hardware 24/7. adLearning solution is very efficient and reliable. Since the launch of the first pilot version, the service uptime has been 99.92%.

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Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards 2015
adLearning service and our Worktone educational App have both been shortlisted for
the Reimagine Education Awards. Meet us in Finals at Penn University, 7-9 December 2015.

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